Custom Website Design

Custom and mobile-friendly website design

It's all about communicating with your audience. I make websites that are lean, easy to navigate, elegant, and always custom-designed to your wishes. Let's get started:


Developing a successful website begins with a solid plan. Planning for your target audience is key to ensuring that your content communicates to them.

Begin by determining:

What are the goals for your site and who is your audience? Do you need a simple online brochure? Would you like to sell items from your site? Do you want a blog? Together, we can clarify and make decisions about these types of questions.

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It's important to build in the details according to who will likely be visiting your website. For instance, if older adults will be visiting your site, it may be smart to make the navigation not be too obscure; if your audience is youthful, a very minimal look and feel may be more appropriate.


It generally takes 4-8 weeks to get a new site designed and published. I am a reseller for Host Gator and host most of the websites I build, but if you have hosting in place that is fine.

Set a High Standard

Your website reflects directly on your business and I aim to ensure that it fully meets your expectations and helps your business to connect with your customers/clients.

What I routinely do includes:

  • Mobile-friendly web design ensures that your site will be easy to navigate on smartphones and tablets. All sites are multi-tested on brower and device emulators.
  • Use only standards-based HTML/XHTML/CSS and test every web page for valid code with the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium). Having clean code decreases page load time.
  • Standard Search engine optimization tools are included on every site at no extra charge. Read more on SEO, below.
  • Google Analytics sets the standard for complete stats on website traffic. I am pleased to install it and you can view your stats anytime.
  • Unlimited number of email addresses can be set up.
  • A robust web hosting control panel (if hosting through me) where you can access a myriad of features.
  • All images are optimized for fast load time. And, I offer expert image-editing if your images require it.
  • Outstanding customer service—read the testimonials!

Keep Your Content Current

It's important that your website content is current and up-to-date. Outdated material not only makes you appear that you are asleep at the wheel, but is also noticed by search engine robots that visit web content every few days.

Whenever you need a website update, I am a quick phone call or email away and can usually make simple updates within 24 hours, oftentimes free of charge. Planning the best way to maintain your website is important and we can discuss what will be the best and most cost-effective plan for you.

I also take over maintenance of existing websites that, for one reason or another, cannot be handled by the web designer. Please get in touch if you need help updating or maintaining your existing website.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

There are two types of listings on search engine results pages: organic and sponsored listings.

Organic listings get ranked as a result of three factors:

  • The presence of lots of strong keywords interwoven throughout your content (this means that larger sites with more text tend to rank higher). These should be the actual words/phrases that a person searching for a site like yours would type into a search field.
  • Websites are also ranked by popularity so lots of traffic to your site will cause it to rank higher.
  • Lots of links to your site from other reputable websites will also increase its ranking.

Sponsored listings have been paid for with programs like Google AdWords. You set up an AdWords account (free) and set a bid price on each click to your site from the sponsored listing. Websites with higher bids get listed higher.

When it comes to SEO, it's the organic listings that we are interested in and there is no magic bullet for a high ranking, but there are specific things that can cause a site to rank higher than others. I include SEO features on every website as a matter of course:

  • I use all of the standard strategies for keyword placement in the back-end coding of your site. I encourage you to use keywords/key phrases in the text content throughout your site. I am happy to help with copywriting.
  • I submit your home page url to Google and Bing early on during construction of the site so that it will be picked up and begin to propagate across search engines.
  • Search engine crawlers reward sites that have clean and error-free code, and I validate the HTML/CSS on every web page (not to mention that a clean page is just plain better).
  • I create an .xml sitemap and submit it to Google so that web crawlers can gain entry to all of your pages easily and keep them listed.

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